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  • Brings everyday gold utility and savings into the 21st century

  • Provides everyone fair and equitable rewards for saving gold

  • Transforms the gold savings and utility landscapes

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Can You Imagine A Bank?

That Works for YOU
Rewards YOU in Gold for saving – at 4.5%
Provides FREE global remittances
Uses Gold as its Currency

Where Your Currency is NOT controlled by any Country


Introducing GoldVault

Not a Bank
But better than a Bank

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GoldVault Mobile Gold

Incentivizes saving with 4.5% in Gold Rewards
FREE remittances globally
Linked Debit Card
Capitalizes on rising gold price
Anyone globally can now save or transact gold

Saving in Gold

There will always be a case to save gold to create wealth and to protect wealth against economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

In a world first, GoldVault gives hundreds of millions of people globally the opportunity to buy and save gold on an equitable basis and get 4.5% in gold rewards as savings incentives.

Gold as a value investment or “Currency” is unique as the Cost of Production (Gold Mining) over time progressively increases, the Gold Price accordingly will continue to appreciate. Historically over the past 20 years the gold Cost of Production has increased 1,100% which underpins the Gold Price.

The Better Way to Save

  • In Your Own Account – For Yourself and/or Family
  • Accounts for Saving and for Transactions
  • For Your Retirement
  • Accounts for Your Children’s Future Education
  • For Your Grandkids
  • For Your Holidays
  • For a New Car
  • For Your Better Future
  • For Asset Protection
  • For ANY Reason

GoldVault Features

Save In Gold

Gold is the ultimate currency
It appreciates over time
All other currencies depreciate in buying power


“Frequent Buyer” gold rewards grow your account at 4.5% – in Gold

Online Accounts

Open accounts in minutes
No Minimum Purchase


Notifications for all deposits, payments, and withdrawals
Your Gold is Insured

Round Up App Autosave Spare Change – Available Soon

Rounding up debit card purchases to the nearest whole number to autosave

Free Global Transfers

Instantly transfer gold to any other GoldVault Account anywhere for free

Global Access:

Linked debit cards to Everyday Accounts
enable purchases, payments,
or cash withdrawals at ATMs – anywhere

Control Account Access

Instantly turn on or off account access, debit card or contactless capability, online payments, ATM withdrawals, or location-based or notification security

What People Are Saying

GoldVault offers millions of people the opportunity to save in the world’s oldest currency – GOLD!

Before GoldVault, after costs of purchase, storage and insurance of gold, for a while I was saving at a loss. Looking forward to your launch and opening my new account.

John 56

This is so good because I can send gold anytime to my mother in Manila for free and get my rewards on my gold saving too. Let me know when I can open my account.

Carmen  32

I will also open accounts for my three kids. The interest is great but imagine what the price of gold and account balances might be when my oldest hits 21 in 12 years time!

Jeff   37

Can’t wait to try it out. Potential to be a major disrupter!

Joe 42

The best rate I got at my bank was 2.41%!

JJ 37

This is a winner and it’s going big!

John  76

For years I have been looking an easy way to build wealth by investing in gold.

Fred, 35

Your GoldVault cannot happen soon enough and I will also be recommending to my friends.

Maria 46

I’m in! I can now save in gold and get all the benefits of my gold rewards and the increase in gold price without having to pay fees to buy or store my gold.

Ryan 28

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