GoldVault Incentivizes YOU to SAVE.

GoldVault guarantees its “Frequent Buyer” Rewards savings incentive for a minimum FIVE years as YOUR incentive to SAVE.

To qualify for GoldVault “Frequent Buyer” Rewards all you have to do is:

    • Open a Gold Savings Account and purchase a minimum US$30 of gold

    • You can add to this gold saving at any time you wish, as often as you wish and for whatever amounts you are comfortable with up to a maximum of US$50,000 of gold per year

    • You will need to continue saving for a minimum THREE-year qualifying period

You will at all times have access to your gold – you can sell it at any time or request delivery of your gold at any time, however, for all deliveries you will be liable for delivery costs and delivered gold must be in at least one gm gold bar size. The pricing of any delivered gold shall be at the three-month average price as published by the UK Royal Mint at, preceding any sale.

Further, should you elect to access your gold savings before the end of your THREE-year qualifying term, you will NOT get the benefit of any “Frequent Buyer” Rewards.

The “Frequent Buyer” Rewards that GoldVault provides you as your incentive to save gold may be a mix of purchase discounts, fee waivers and/or GoldVault discretionary awards that are passed on to you or shared with you at the discretion of GoldVault. The Reward incentive will be at least equivalent in value to a 4.5% APY, and if you continue to save GoldVault will guarantee this Reward incentive and value for all GoldVault Saver accounts until at least December 31, 2025.

You can also at any time convert your GoldVault Saver Account to a GoldVault EveryDay Account should you wish.

The Following are (or will be) the GoldVault Account Options:

GoldVault Gold Savings
Gold Rewards equivalent to 4.5% APY in value and rewarded in gold for all Accounts saving for three year minimum

EveryDay Gold Transactional
FREE Remittances, linked debit cards and low fees – gold purchases/sales 0.50%, storage & insurance 0.12%

Multi-Currencies (Fiat)
Where offered will be through a licensed partner

Further Products Schedule for Release in 2020:

Round Up Gold
Rounding up debit card purchases to next dollar (or Pound etc.) with the difference in change purchasing gold, and otherwise same as Savings Account

Redeemable Digital Gold
Chinese New Year Red Envelope launch – redeemable through GoldVault Savings Account or if in one gm bars

Gold (collectible/jewelry)
Firstly with Chinese Zodiac ‘Lucky’ Gold Rat – can be collectible or jewelry

Account Pre-Registration