Let us explain…

GoldVault gets YOUR gold to work for YOU!

A normal bank account cannot do this as a dollar will always be worth a dollar. Gold is very different, its price does fluctuate as do all fiat currencies relative to the USD , but over time, gold unlike fiat currencies, increases in price.

Most people believe that the gold price is based on supply and demand and price speculation. This is only partly correct.

The major factor that underpins the gold price, as well as annual demand, is its ever-rising Cost of Production.

Over the past 20 years this Cost of Production has increased by over 1,100%.

Logically, assuming inflation and the cost of goods (wages, fuel, energy, chemicals, consumables, equipment, etc.) will continue to progressively increase, then it is expected the Cost of Gold Production and, therefore, the ultimate Price of Gold would also likely increase.

GoldVault takes a conservative approach to future long-term gold price and projects an overall 850% increase over the next 30 years.

GoldVault believes that the Cost of Production could substantially exceed this provision. If this were to ultimately prove to be the case, then all GoldVault Gold Savings Accounts would see added substantial gains in value.

So very simply, based upon the increasing Cost of Production combined with the GoldVault Gold Rewards (Our Frequent Buyer Program), these two elements provide the two critical factors contributing to the unprecedented incremental growth in value of a GoldVault Gold Savings Account:

    1. The Gold Cost of Production reflected in gold price appreciation – Letting the Gold Work for YOU

    2. The power of compounding through the Gold Rewards we purchase for your account and/or discounts we provide as your incentive reward