Retirement Gold Savings Accounts

In a breakthrough world-first, saving gold for your retirement through a GoldVault Gold Retirement Account is forecast to return value of at least the equivalent of an Effective 11.6% PA.

GoldVault makes this possible by getting YOUR Gold to work for YOU!

It is well documented that being well prepared for retirement is fast becoming a challenge. GoldVault sets out to change this landscape.

How to Retire with over US$3,500,000

For example, if you were to set up a GoldVault Retirement Account today with a US$10,000 gold purchase and then for the next 30 years (until retirement), purchase only an additional US$1,000 of gold into your account per month, for an end of term total gold purchase of US$370,000:

Your account gold value at end of term is forecast to be at least US$3,500,000.

This is equivalent to an unprecedented Effective 11.6% Annual Return.

The following illustrates the combination of a steadily rising gold price, together with the power of our gold ‘Frequent Buyer Rewards’ compounding your gold account value.

Many analysts forecast the gold price to be well in excess of the conservative approach taken by GoldVault, which if realized, would contribute to potential additional windfall value.

As is also evident, as value compounds over each 5-year term of the example, the gold – and therefore – value accrual becomes far more attractive for each additional 5-year term.

Total Annual

Gold Purchases


Gold Ounces


Gold Price



End 5 Years





End 10 Years

+ $60,000




End 15 Years

+ $60,000




End 20 Years

+ $60,000




End 25 Years

+ $60,000




End 30 Years

+ $60,000




GoldVault firmly believes:

Gold to be ideal for wealth protection and portfolio diversification

A GoldVault Gold  Retirement Account is an optimal way to save for retirement or to Complement a Retirement Portfolio